Plant Your Roots. Grow Your Brand. Make Your Mark.


[ root ] / rooted /

verb: | to become fixed or established deeply; take root and begin to grow. |

Rooted is a branding and digital marketing firm located in Greenville, South Carolina. We help businesses craft honest, emotional brand stories through creative design and strategy. With every project, we strive to produce the visual equivalent of the chord change that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

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The strength of any tree comes from its roots; without them, a tree is just a piece of wood. The same goes for a company without a brand story; without one, a brand is just another commodity collecting dust on a shelf. At Rooted, we aim to master the art of visual storytelling through branding, design and digital strategy. Because the best brands are built on great stories.

Branding Services


You should be able to cover up the logo and still identify the company because the look and feel is so distinctive.

Plant Your Roots
Web Design Services

web design

The best websites know who their visitors are, and give them a reason to come back again and again.

Grow Your Brand
Digital Strategy Services

digital strategy

Good digital strategy and marketing is the difference between teaching a class and hosting a great party.

Make Your Mark

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As a small business owner and entrepreneur I am constantly coming up with new ways to market my business and trying to figure out the best processes. Brendan & Hayes not only provide the behind the scene expert skills to put my ideas in place, but they listen and ask the right questions. So many times with technology I feel like the person on the other side of the table is speaking a different language.

Stop worrying, Stop waiting, Start getting a ROI on your current investments not being utilized, Start working with Rooted Brands.

It’s been an outstanding experience working with the team at Rooted. There are very few businesses that can combine their expertise in developing sales strategy along with the implementation of top-notch campaigns, branding, and graphic work. We’ve been impressed by their work ethic, timeliness, and commitment to better understanding our business.

Our key developments with their team to date include implementation + branding of a new brand ambassador program and development of an educational Infusionsoft campaign to help customize nutritional supplement programs for our clients.

Kurt Lockhart, Mid 10 Nutrition
The team at Rooted helped turn my general ideas and ambiguous definitions of my business into a clear concise brand. I was most impressed with their willingness to “jump in” and learn about the intricacies and details of my business sector. Both their service and thought process are holistic in nature, generating ideas and imagery that always tie into the brand’s overall message. The most impressive part of my experience with Rooted was the amazing customer service and response time after the project was completed and the last check had been written. Great people, great service, great company!

Mario Brown, BuildGREENville

we’re here to help your business grow

through creative ideas, innovation and sheer determination


we’re here to help your business grow

through creative ideas, innovation and sheer determination


Plant Your Roots. Grow Your Brand. Make Your Mark.

Plant Your Roots.
Grow Your Brand.
Make Your Mark.