Logo Breakdown

Br-Br-Break it Down Now!

When launching a new business, planting your roots in quality branding and visual identity design is essential to taking your company from good to great.

The visual identity of a brand encompasses many different elements, including: logos, color, type, imagery and patterns. Logos, however serve as the MVP (Most Valuable {and Visual} Player) when looking at the overall identity of your brand. It’s an image that symbolizes your business and is used as the key identifiable source for consumers to recognize and remember your brand. But did you know there are 6 different types of logos?

Based on the size of your brand and what type of industry you’re in, you may benefit most from investing in one or all of these different types of logos, and it may be absolutely necessary for your brand to have each of these logo variations.

So, how do you know what type of logo is right for your company? Let’s break it down.

Using our client, The Black Thai as a branding example below, we breakdown the 6 different types of logos for you, taking you through what each phase of  a full logo design build-out looks like at Rooted.

Primary Wordmark

brand typeface logo design used most often for things such as letterhead, email signatures, formal print items, and everything in between

Brand Icon

a stand-alone icon design used to symbolize your brand without words; most often used for print collateral items, swag and apparel, website favicons and social media handles


Secondary Logo Design

this logo version combines your primary wordmark design with your brand icon and can be used in a vertical + horizontal format to be used across a wide-range of mediums

Tagline + Services Logo

a variation of your wordmark logo that includes one version with your tagline under the logo and another with your core services as a second design option


Logo Badge

a circular logo design that incorporates various aspects of your visual identity and can be used on hats, koozies, menus, and other swag items that call for a more circular design

Brand Mascot

a custom character design and brand personality developed to represent your company; this is by-far the most time-intensive element of our visual identity design process and brand development package, however a mascot can often be seen as the most valuable element of a company because it connects your brand to your target market in the most personal and meaningful way, giving your business a voice and connecting your story with your audience in a more authentic believable way

The Black Thai’s branding is a top dog in the visual identity world. They have a ton of  (great) visual content and logo variations that a lot of companies would never need. However, most restaurants and other businesses that do a lot of advertising + print can benefit from having a mac daddy brand bible.  We took The Black Thai through every phase of the logo design process, creating logo versions that make up our full visual identity package. You may not need the full package, and that’s okay! #Getrooted and we will be with you every step of Logo Lane.

Things to Remember When Designing a Logo

  1. It should be designed for your target audience.
  2. It should be recognizable and memorable.
  3. It should be distinct.
  4. It should be scalable.

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