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We are a small marketing agency with roots in The Village of West Greenville. You can find us at The Big White House watering our ten thousand plants and trying to keep up with 4 dogs, all while creating dope websites and designs.  We’ve shared our services in other places, so now we want to take time to give you the inside scoop about our team. We take pride in our small company feel and FUN company culture. We strive to encourage one another and keep a positive outlook in our office. We accomplish this by keeping our atmosphere laid back and, of course, by bringing in our furry friends.

We absolutely love being in the village and supporting the other local businesses here. We are thrilled to be located in such a cool part of town that offers a unique experience that still has a ton of growth potential. 

Rooted plans to keep growing the team, but as of right now we have 3 brains collaborating – “Red and the Rootettes”. All three of us have different strengths that compliment each other – making Rooted a unique and hardworking company. We preach that a logo and brand say a lot about a company, but so do the employees. Enjoy reading our fun facts to see how our character makes up our brand!

Brendan Smith

Principal // Strategic Director

Favorite food spot in GVL:
GB&D + Stella’s Southern Brasserie
Favorite thing to do on the weekend:
Anything that involves hanging out with my wife. Dunkies (Dunkin Donuts) runs with our dog, Boston. Relaxing and cooking at our home with family and friends.
Favorite thing about Rooted:
Well, two things: our clients and the team. It’s highly rewarding to grow a company and brand that is built on the growth of our passionate, innovative clients. We grow through their success. And with the team – I’m part of a team that both exceeds expectations while also cultivating a company culture that is true to our personalities.

Hayes Wynn

Principal // Creative Director

Favorite food spot in GVL:
GB&D + Sidewall + Bray’s BBQ
Favorite thing to do on the weekend:
Kick it with my favorite husband, Brayden and dogs, Winston + Husk. Eat. Garden. Anything Outside. Nap. Family. Friends. Travel. Eat some more. Repeat.
Favorite thing about Rooted:
Having a clear sense of purpose and value in a mission larger than myself. Fostering a company culture marked by a spirit of innovation, creativity, encouragement, weirdness, dogs, and a dress code that consists of no dress code. Working with THE coolest people on the planet. Being a full-time brand storyteller. Getting to help bring a client’s vision and business dream to life.

Maggie Bray

Digital Brand Manager

Favorite food spot in GVL:
White Duck Taco + GB&D
Favorite thing to do on the weekend:
I love spending my weekends with family, friends, and my doodle, which means I always have my bag packed and am ready for an adventure! If I find myself with no plans, I resort to shopping (most likely at Target or HomeGoods)
Favorite thing about Rooted:
There are too many great things about Rooted but to keep it short, nothing beats our company culture. I love that my “mentors/bosses/co workers” are also considered great friends. They are my Greenville family. I am also lucky enough to have a job that makes it feel like I never spend a day at work, and a day spent at work = making things look pretty. I don’t think it gets much better!

Boston Smith

Office Security

Winston Wynn

Human Relations

Levi Bray

Customer Support Manager

Husk Wynn

Sales Assistant

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