The Role of Color in Branding

The Role of Color in Branding

“Color creates emotion, triggers memory, and gives sensation.”

Color is used to evoke emotion and express personality. It stimulates brand association and accelereates differentiatoin. As consumers we depend on the familirarity of Coca-Cola red. We don’t need to read the type on a Tiffany gift box to know where the gift was purchased. We see the color and a set of impressions comes to us. We feel something.

Color is one of the most critical phases in the brand identity development process and designing brand identity and Rooted’s visual identity process of building visual idenity for our clients.

Here’s a fun branding fact: Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

In the sequence of visual perception, the brain reads color after it registers a shape and before it reads content. Choosing a color for a new identity requires a core understanding of color theory, a clear vision of how the brand needs to be perceived and differentiated, and an ability to master consistency and meaning over a broad range of media.

At Rooted, color is our daylong obsession, joy and torment.